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Wetlands & Streams
Section 404 of the Clean Water Act regulates activities that affect jurisdictional waters of the United States. Jurisdictional streams and wetlands cannot be covered or filled without approval from the United States Corps of Engineers (COE) and other federal and state agencies. We have many years of experience working with the COE and other federal and state agencies. We have conducted wetlands delineations in seven different COE Districts and six states from Texas to West Virginia. We have obtained numerous approvals for wetland and stream mitigation plans to help land development and construction projects proceed.

We have been involved in wetlands banking developments and have conducted jurisdictional waters investigations on many properties ranging from 0.5 acres to over 10,000 acres. We have completed jurisdictional stream determinations on many miles of headwater streams. We have the expertise and the relationships with the COE and other agencies to assist you with any jurisdictional waters and wetlands issues.

We have developed numerous mitigation plans and have conducted mitigation monitoring which is required if wetlands or streams are disturbed.